Thursday, June 19, 2008

It has been awhile!!!

We have been very blessed and busy lately. I am staying at home and enjoying a summer with my kids- I have taken the time off from school and the kids seem to find things for me to fill my time with. Steph is working alot- she is gone from 12:00 on. We were able to go to Stake Conference together and to The Olive Garden for dinner. It was wonderful to spend that time with her! Tyler just finished drivers ed. He is now into weight lifting for the summer for football three mornings a week. William is doing well- he is staying out of trouble and hanging out with friends. Erin is often my little shadow, but she does have a few friends that she hangs out with. We went to the library this morning for a wonderful puppet show. Next, we went to the grocery store and then to the pool. It has been a nice day!

I have two slides that I want to post on here- The first is the slides of us the the Poole family at Foss Lake, and the second is of camp- I need to develope the pictures of the girls on the rafts- which I will do the next time I go to Weatherford- if I remember to! Anyway, I do have other camp photos that I am posting- I hope you enjoy them!

The first slide: It was a choppy day at the lake- it wasn't the best lake weather, but it was nice and we had a great time! Dawn and the kids went with us and I was able to take alot of pictures! We played in the sand and had fun with the kids. Bill took everyone out in the boat- the water was probably too ruff for us to be on it, but we didn't have any troubles!

The second slide: It is me and the girls at Girl's Camp for Young Women's. It was so much fun! We went river rafting, sat through a major storm, took the first years snipe hunting, went swimming, slept little, listened to talks, did certifications, and bonded over scriptures and prayer! I think the girls really enjoyed going- we laughed and played alot and Heavenly Father was really there- When you go to something like this, it is as if the world melts away and you are in a spiritual haven.


Kaja said...

looks like you girls had a blast! i don't remember my girl's camps being that fun...and we had to sleep in tents the whole time. at least you got cabins - lucky!

Breanne said...

Hey! I found your site through Kaja...although it looks like it's been a while since you blogged..oh well, if you get this you can check out the Gustin blog at :)See you at church!